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Durable Cast Iron Gourmet Meat Chopper with 8mm Plate and Stuffing Attachment

  • 301,  323 Models
    301, 323 Models
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Durable cast iron construction, Clamp Style Base, Self sharpening blades. Perfect for all types of meat or fish, also ideal for making sausage. with 8mm plate and Stuffing Attachment
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#333 (+$7.00)

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Universal Meat Choppers cut meats and do not smash them, this allows 100 % of the meats natural juices and flavors to be retained for maximum flavor.
They also cut meats to a consistent and uniform size every time for gourmet style control in all food preparations.

Product Features:
•   Durable Cast Iron : Durable and dependable. Sanitary rust resistant finish is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
•   Sturdy Clamp Base : Securely attaches chopper. All choppers include a rubber counter protector for easy mounting to most countertops.
•   Self Sharpening Blades: Sharpen each time the grinder is used. All choppers include a medium cutter plate that will handle most chopping jobs.
•   Sausage Stuffing Kits: Include stuffing attachments, cutting plates and recipe booklet. Extra cutting plates are ideal for vegetables, fruits and nuts.

3 Classic Universal Models to Choose from:
•   # 301 : 2 lbs per min.
•   # 323 : 2 1/2 lbs per min.
•   # 333 : 3 lbs per min.
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